Woo. Stuff by Pete Joison. And again, woo.

My webcomics

Every year or so I come up with a new webcomic idea. Sometimes I even do it. 

Desktop Wallpapers

Where I take some of my art, make it big and give it to you to grace the screen of your choice.

My Writing

I have written books. It's true. This link will open my Peter Joison 'Look at me I'm an author' site.


Art done with fingers and pencils. Fingers and brushes. Fingers and screens.

What's new From the Blog

I've uploaded most of my recent architectural vector illustrations as computer wallpapers. There's a link in the menu bar…

Today's Inktober prompt was 'Teeming', so I drew a bunch of my little doodles in a petri dish.

Here's a tortoise dreaming of leaving his shell behind and run run running.